Marine Blasting | Vancouver

Boats evoke memories for many of us such as relaxing on the lake, fishing on the open sea, sailing across the big ocean, or meeting a mermaid from Pirates Of The Caribbean…. Well, let’s not reveal the mesmerizing events in marine life. There are many resources for boaters in Vancouver thanks to its coastal relocation. Everything in life needs maintenance and when it comes to Blackpearl, the ultimate solution is marine blasting. 

What causes dust to form?

During shaking of abrasive media particles, the particles are separated. Turbulence produces a lack of mass in the smallest sub-particles, preventing their descent to the ground.

Dustless Blasting

Dry blasting is conventionally more expensive, less versatile, and less environmentally friendly than dustless blasting, which is more cost-effective and safer than dry blasting. Dustless blasting is also more effective in a wide number of different applications.

The boat owner’s guide

With Dustless Marine Blasting, removing bottom paint is easier than ever! Surface preparation has not been this easy in 60 years. Dustless Blasting is the only way! Antifouling paint on fiberglass boats can be removed safely using the Dustless Blaster by adjusting the blast pressure without damaging the gel coat! Dustless Blasting is versatile enough to strip everything from small craft to large yachts and industrial ships! 

Discover your missing features

  • You’ll love how fast it is! In just 3 hours, a 35-foot boat was stripped!
  • In addition to dust, contaminants are grounded.
  • Since there are so few particles of dust, other workers nearby are not affected!
  • Ensures that the material will not warp
  • Ensures that flash rust won’t form
  • The surface is not damaged

Win-Win Game

Our summer schedule is fully booked since Coattech is the industry pioneer in Vancouver. If you are still looking for a marine blasting, contact us as soon you can and let us get you back on your marine life in few hours and enjoy cleaner hulls and faster boat turnaround with our Dustless Blaster. Everybody wins! Would you like to speak to us today?




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