Epoxy Flooring Services

Are you exhausted from managing conventional flooring systems in your household such as tile, carpet, and hardwood? In some buildings as well as garages, polished concrete, and concrete overlays don’t always cut it. So, what are your options now? Have you considered epoxy flooring when you feel like you’ve reached the end of the road?

The Rise of Epoxy Flooring in Vancouver

Concrete floors’ prominence in multifamily housing interior design has corresponded with the emergence of epoxy flooring! These technologies enable flooring to be built in a variety of ways, each with its own set of advantages for the area in which it is installed! Not only is epoxy flooring in high demand in industrial facilities, but also in many aspects of the home and other sorts of commercial businesses!

Self Dispersing Epoxy

  • Self-dispersing epoxy flooring is appropriate for areas subjected to constant pressure from heavy machines and food traffic. Because these floors can be built to be exceptionally slip-resistant, self-dispersing epoxy coatings are frequently used in processing plants and other areas where liquids are frequently used.

Self Leveling Epoxy

  • If you’re in search of a quick cure and don’t want to replace your concrete, the good news: you don’t have to! Create a beautifully seamless smooth surface by applying a self-leveling epoxy floor coating. Because they are incredibly low-maintenance, these coatings are ideal for all types of commercial structures. Epoxy flooring may be used in a lot more areas than you might expect!

Mortar Epoxy Flooring

  • If you’re seeking the best and most powerful epoxy coatings for any area that has been damaged by pressure or impact, you’ve come to the right place. Mortar epoxy floors are indeed the strongest and best epoxy coatings for any place that has been damaged by pressure or impact. These epoxy floorings are the toughest and most long-lasting of the bunch.

Epoxy Flake Floor

  • Colored flake materials are put into epoxy to produce a lively effect on Epoxy Flake flooring. This flake also has grooves on each surface to prevent slips and falls. This epoxy comes in an endless range of colors, sizes, designs, and textures, allowing us to enhance the visual appeal of any room.

How Coattech Can Help You With Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is a versatile solution that is durable, robust, impact-resistant, and adaptable to any environment. There is also an epoxy floor option that is ideal for your situation, whether you need an appealing entrance to a restaurant or an impenetrable surface to withstand industrial activities.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We can assist you in determining the best Epoxy flooring for your needs! Please contact us right away!

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