Marine Maintenance

Marine Maintenance

Safely clean, maintain and restore marine vessels while eliminating the chances of air and water pollution from other pressure cleaning methods.

Whether you’re a boat owner or a marina owner, dustless blasting is a superior method of marine maintenance. With boats and marinas being under constant exposure to wind, water and marine organisms, consistent maintenance is essential in prolonging their lives. The hull of a boat, in particular, requires special care with the re-application of the protective coating being a key player in its water resistance. Although removing the old coating before re-applying is time-consuming and difficult, dustless blasting makes it an effortless process.

Numerous Applications

Dustless blasting effortlessly strips anti-fouling paint without damaging gel coats. Its high-pressure stream blasts away marine growth from the hull, props, rutters and other areas of your boat. In addition, gel coats and blisters can be opened up gently, but effectively, so they can be repaired and brought back to normal function.

Superior Safety

The abrasive used in dustless blasting is environmentally neutral and 100% recycled glass. It suppresses dust so surrounding workers, plants and wildlife remain unharmed and cleanup is made easy. From steel and aluminum to fibreglass and a variety of other surfaces, this minimally-invasive method won’t harm or warp substrate.

Dustless blasting powerfully removes:

  • Antifouling paint
  • Epoxy
  • Tough marine growth
  • Open blisters in gelcoat

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