Fleet Vehicles

Fleet Vehicles

Dustless blasting removes paint and graphics from all kinds of fleet vehicles, resulting in smooth surfaces ready for their rebrand.

When it comes to fleet vehicle restoration, you want the job done fast. Dustless blasting is an incredibly fast, efficient and cost-effective method of stripping your vehicles from paint, rust, graphics and oil. It quickly blasts away paint and coatings that leave behind a smooth surface ready for new paint or primer to adhere to.

Dustless Blasting vs. Other Methods

Soda blasting and sandblasting use abrasives with small particles that can easily get into the vehicle and its parts. Baking soda is also considered an alkaline chemical, with particles so small they actually make their way into the metal’s pores. While baking soda is safe for humans, the dust created from soda blasting is not safe for plants and insects. With sandblasting, on the other hand, the heat created can actually warp the thin sheet metal many larger trucks are built with. The presence of water in dustless blasting, however, lowers the temperature of the metal, reduces heat and friction to eliminate chances of warping and creates no dangerous dust plumes. What’s more, we also apply a rust inhibitor to prevent flash rust for 72 hours.

Save Time, Money & Hassle

Dustless blasting produces fast, reliable results and creates a surface that is ready to paint immediately. Whether you store your fleet in a closed area or in an outdoor parking garage, the absence of dust enables us to work indoors as well outdoors. By eliminating the chances of warping, your business can save time, effort and thousands of dollars repairing damage from other heat-producing blasting treatments. Not to mention that you’ll avoid costly interruptions to your operations should any of your vehicles require repair.

Dustless blasting removes:

  • Paint
  • Primer
  • Rust
  • Oil
  • Grease
  • Bog
  • Body filler
  • Powder coating
  • Chrome

Knowledgeable & Dedicated Experts

The team at Coattech is committed to excellence. Regardless of fleet size, we are able to efficiently and effectively prepare your vehicles for restoration. All of our operators are skilled in dustless blasting and experienced in working with a wide variety of vehicles, damage and coatings so you can rest assured that the fleet you rely on is in good hands from start to finish.

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