Graffiti Removal

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti removal using dustless blasting is a safe, environmentally-friendly and effective alternative to more outdated, traditional methods.

Graffiti, when lewd or offensive, is a global problem. If it wasn’t commissioned, no matter how beautiful a work of art, it’s considered vandalism. It decreases property value, has a negative influence on aesthetics and curb appeal and can even deter customers from visiting your property. Although it’s extremely common for it to occur to commercial buildings, city property and even residential homes, it should be tended to right away.

The Superior Alternative

Traditional forms of pressure blasting are much too weak, so a more advanced method must be applied. Where other methods fail, dustless blasting succeeds. Sandblasting damages surfaces and soda blasting harms nearby plant life whereas dustless blasting is efficient and gentle. It is able to effectively remove graffiti from walls while leaving the original material intact and undamaged in an environmentally friendly way.

Revolutionary Surface Preparation

Dustless blasting for graffiti is faster, safer and more cost-effective than soda blasting and sandblasting. Whether the graffiti was painted on, spray painted or brushed on, our technology can remove it while leaving the original surface intact. Perhaps you’re planning to repaint or just want the graffiti gone; our team can help regardless of the circumstances.

The downsides of not removing graffiti:

  • Negative influence on aesthetics
  • Decreases curb appeal
  • Decreases property value
  • Deters customers
  • Decreases company reputation
  • Damages your property
  • Can lead to increased crime, violence or loitering

A Much-Needed Refresh

At Coattech, we’re committed to reviving your buildings, walls, driveways and fences by removing unsightly marks and graffiti. What’s more, dustless blasting is also capable of removing hardened chewing gum, ink, oil, grease and even algae, weeds and insect infestation. What you’re left with are smooth, expertly prepared surfaces.

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