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What Is Epoxy Floor?

What exactly is epoxy flooring? Most individuals look on the internet for the best way to protect or improve their existing floor from dust. The primary goal of applying polymer coating is to create a sturdy, long-lasting surface with great ornamental features. Epoxy flooring services are widely popular in residential and commercial areas.


Like most people, you’ve probably never worked with epoxy paints before and think of them as just another form of paint like varnish or semi-gloss. Putting epoxy coating in the same category as regular garage floor coatings is like claiming a Dodge Ram is the same as a Bugatti Chiron since they are both automobiles.

The Epoxy Floor: Everything You Need To Know

As opposed to a single component, epoxy coatings are usually made up of two parts. The epoxy floor will adhere to any concrete slab or existing surface much better than a typical paint based on water, oil, or enamel. A wonderful characteristic of your flooring is that it can become more fashionable over time. Your floor will have a high gloss finish that no ordinary paint can match.

Additionally, it will be mold-resistant and waterproof. Almost all stains are resistant to cured epoxy floors and they are easy to maintain. Cleaning an epoxy floor is similar to cleaning a Teflon pot.


epoxy flooring services
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Epoxy Paint Vs. Coating: What’s The Difference?

That instance, if epoxy contains 90% solids, 10% of the covering will evaporate as it cures. Epoxy primers often have a lower solids content since they are manufactured thinner in order to soak into the concrete. As a result, primers tend to be lower in solids.


Epoxy floor coatings can be installed by contractors over concrete or plywood to provide a smooth, high-performance, long-lasting surface. This is capable of withstanding huge weights and lasting for many years. Many commercial buildings and industrial locations rely on epoxy coatings to keep people and equipment safe.

Epoxy Flooring Services for Every Industry

Our epoxy flooring services and coatings and polished concrete will make your facility safer, more productive, and more morale-boosting.


Industries we specialize in include:


  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Research and laboratory facilities
  • Medical offices and hospitals
  • Animal shelters and veterinary clinics
  • Food manufacturing and bottling facilities
  • Restaurants and breweries
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Parking decks
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Experience with COATTECH

We have specialist equipment and extensive knowledge of the customized flooring you want. You won’t have to worry about inexperienced blunders or us taking on work we can’t execute on time and on budget.


Our objective is to provide the customer with the most attractive, functional, and inexpensive epoxy flooring services  that meets all of their requirements. We strive to make your dream project a reality! Color matching is available for those who think beyond the box, and sample matching is available for those who have an image or download of their idea. 



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