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Resinous Flooring & Coating Services

(Epoxy, Polyurethane, Polyaspartic, Traffic Coating and Polish Concrete)

Although we are an ever-evolving company, one thing remains constant in our operations:

our commitment to always using the latest materials, and equipments for coating with the most up-to-date industry practices.  Our dedicated team will ensure the best epoxy flooring services in Vancouver.


Coattech Industries is an experienced, dynamic company with a creative core and a valuable background. We consistently deliver client-oriented, high-quality services that aim for the development of our city. Committed to always delivering excellence, we provide an extensive range of flooring services  and the coating field to clients in Greater Vancouver, BC.

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Residential and Commercial Flooring, and CoatingServices

Epoxy Flooring Services in Vancouver 
Fast, Safe & Durable Finishing
Professional Expertise with Reliable Materials
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Our collaborative team of trained and qualified professionals is future-ready and profoundly committed. We are enthusiastic about transforming challenges into opportunities that improve the operations of our clients. With out-of-the-box thinking, the best coating materials with latest technology available and experts that truly care, we aim to break new ground in our industry.





Although there are many different ways to go about surface cleaning and restoration, it doesn’t mean they’re all created equal. At Coattech, we are passionate about making the best solutions available to clients who aim for quality.


Strong enough to blast through steel yet gentle enough to use on soft materials like aged, antique wood.


With numerous applications on even the toughest surfaces, there’s nothing we can’t clean, prepare or restore.


A dustless process lets us work indoors, keep plants safe and create a safe environment for everyone nearby.

Epoxy Flooring Services & Coating Experts You Can Count On

Coattech provides cutting-edge equipment to our trained specialists. As a result, property managers and homeowners around Vancouver rely on us for their coating needs.

Main Services

Resinous Flooring (Fluid Applied Application)

We are offering up-to-date flooring solutions in and protective concrete floor coatings based on your budget and long term needs across British Columbia.
We specially undertake resinous solutions coatings, such as solid color/concrete look application, Metallic epoxy application, Traffic coating system (Polyurethane membrane system), Quartz broadcast application, Self-Leveling Urethane Slurry System, Silica sand broadcast application and Full/Partial Flake broadcast application..

Dustless Blasting Vancouver

Eventually, paint deteriorates, metal rusts, and surfaces become unclean. Dustless Blasting Vancouver allows you to quickly and efficiently remove what residues of prior coatings, leaving a smooth, clean surface suitable for refinishing. There is a high demand for this service, which gives several chances for new firms to start and current businesses to develop.

Epoxy Flooring Services Vancouver 

Our epoxy flooring services will make your facility safer, and more productive.  The primary goal of applying polymer coating is to create sturdy, long-lasting surface with great ornamental features. Epoxy flooring services in Vancouver are widely popular in residential and commercial areas. 

epoxy flooring services

Brick Restoration Services

With Coattech, you can restore just about any surface. Our cleaning professionals use the safest and most effective techniques when removing and cleaning most surfaces imaginable, all while protecting the environment from harmful airborne contaminants. We power wash commercial concrete and other masonry surfaces such as sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots to remove gum, oil stains, grease, dirt, and other debris.

Graffiti Removal Services

We offer graffiti removal services that provide fast and affordable removal of graffiti from commercial or residential properties. We can remove spray paint or paint of any kind, using high-powered cleaning and chemicals of commercial grade. Considering time is of the essence, the sooner we remove the graffiti, the sooner we can restore your property to its former clarity. Our refined technology and equipment can remove any coatings and deliver the best graffiti removal services in Vancouver.

Industrial Painting

As part of our process, we remove existing surface coatings and corrosion from commercial and industrial materials and equipment so that they can be painted, epoxy-coated, or otherwise protected. By protecting your valuable investments from rust and other environmental factors, these new coatings will extend their lifespans.

Wood Restoration Services

Dustless Blasting is an effective method for rapidly and simply removing paint, polyurethane, lacquer, stain, and other coatings from wood. Even aged wood may be refinished to appear fresh. Antique furniture, log cabins, vintage lawn furniture, decks and patios, siding, and other items may all be restored using the blasting procedure.

Limitless Applications

How we help you restore your property back to its original condition.

Dustless Blasting

Concrete, Stone, Brick

Marine Maintenance

Oil & Gas Industries

Line Stripe & Curb Paint

Auto Restoration

Fleet Vehicles

Heavy Equipment

Wood Restoration

Graffiti Removal

Fire Remediation

Residential Flooring

Commercial Flooring

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