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Polyaspartic Flooring in Vancouver

Polyaspartic ester science was first presented in the mid 1990s making it a moderately new innovation. The licenses were given to Bayer in Germany and Miles Corporation in the United States. It uses the Michael expansion response. These items are then utilized in coatings, glues, sealants and elastomers. Unadulterated polyurea responds very rapidly making them practically unusable without plural part shower gear.

Polyaspartic innovation uses a to some degree impeded amine to respond all the more leisurely with the isocyanates and in this way produce an altered polyurea. The amine/diamine or even triamine practical coreactant for aliphatic polyisocyanate is commonly responded with a maleate. Polyaspartic esters (PAE) at first found use in customary dissolvable borne two-part polyurethane coatings.

What is Polyaspartics used for?

Garage floors

This has been the principal major embellishing utilization of polyaspartics. A few organizations have arisen that are selling and introducing pigmented polyaspartic carport floors with installed vinyl specks or quartz sand dabs, like epoxy floors. The huge selling point for the polyaspartics is the speed of the application

Commercial floors

Kitchens, bathrooms, and other business applications are incredible applications for this surface, since it opposes stains and endures weighty scraped spot as much as multiple times the scraped spot opposition of epoxy.

Countertops sealers

The inquiry has been on for a long time for the ideal ledge sealer. Polyaspartics are not harmed by temperatures up to around 350°F and are very stain safe, even to acidic materials like lemon juice and red wine.


Polyaspartic Flooring Vancouver
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Benefits of Polyaspartic Coating

A typical Polyaspartic is applied in just two simple coats. The first coat is both primer and color coatings and the second is a clear coat. Because of the steps are simple and easy, the complete process can be finished within a day. This means that you would not have to wait 3-5 days until you use your garage again. 


There are many other benefits to a polyurea/polyaspartic floor coating as well. These include:

  • 100% U.V. stability – they will never yellow.
  • Crystal clear finish that won’t blush from moisture in the concrete.
  • Similar high abrasion and scratch resistance to polyurethane.
  • High tolerance to heat, meaning hot tire pick up is a non-issue.
  • High film build-up that can be controlled by the applicator.
  • High gloss finish
  • High solids content with little to no VOC’s in most applications.
  • High stain and chemical resistance. This includes salts for winter climates.
  • Good flexibility for higher impact resistance.
  • Excellent wetting characteristics allowing for good penetration into the concrete for a strong bond.
  • Decreased chance of bubbles from outgassing due to the faster cure rate. 

One thing to keep in mind is that like epoxy, not all polyaspartics are created equal. Some of the DIY kits that are being offered are not of the same quality as the more professional versions.

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