Almost any surface can be restored with Coattech. We ensure that the environment is protected from harmful airborne contaminants by using safe and effective methods when removing and cleaning most surfaces. Among other things, we provide power washing services to remove gum, oil stains, grease, dirt, and other debris from commercial concrete and other masonry surfaces. 

Why Do You Need Brick Restoration Services?

Since brick restoration for residential and commercial buildings is one of our specialties, we are able to provide long-term solutions that meet your requirements.

Providing Brick Restoration Services in Lower Mainland

To prevent further deterioration due to the outdoor elements, brick restoration involves grinding out the mortar joints between the bricks and replacing the mortar with new mortar. Water infiltration caused by brick damage can cause major damage to interior structures if not mitigated. Our restoration specialists can restore it to its original glory so you can enjoy your old brick again. In Vancouver, we offer brick restoration services. 

Concrete Restoration

Providing concrete restoration, repair, rehabilitation, protection, waterproofing, coatings, and decorative enhancements to commercial and multi-purpose structures, Coattech specializes in a full range of concrete restoration and repair services. With many years of experience and expertise, we provide specialty contracting to British Columbia. To achieve the best results, we use only the highest quality materials and the most innovative techniques. Identifying high-value solutions to our client’s needs is something we pride ourselves on, and we look forward to providing the same value to your business as well.

Application Possibilities for Concrete Are Endless

The versatility of dustless blasting for concrete makes it ideal for surfaces that even pressure washing cannot handle. With dustless blasting, concrete sealers can be removed within hours, instead of days. Besides cleaning concrete caked on mixers and trucks, it can also remove debris from heavy machinery and equipment. Even the smallest grooves and dents can be removed from detailed molds that manual scrubbing can’t reach.