About Us

Our Company

Coattech Industries is an experienced, dynamic, and active company with a creative core and a valuable background. We consistently deliver client-oriented, high-quality services that aim for the development of our city. Committed to always delivering excellence, we provide an extensive range of services in abrasive blasting and the coating field to clients in Greater Vancouver, BC.

We created Coattech because we believed that a variety of industries could benefit from a contractor who truly knows and understands the unique requirements of blast media. With a variety of options to choose from, each with its own benefits, it’s important to us that we guide each of our clients in the right direction depending on the characteristics of their project.

We are dedicated to raising the quality of workmanship for our customers by adhering to the stringent standards set out by SSPC and Nace. Committed to the environment, we offer environmentally-friendly abrasive blasting solutions by using non-toxic media that operates without harmful, messy dust plumes.

Our Mission

To provide surface restoration services that help families and businesses extend the life of their property.

Our Vision

To lead Greater Vancouver’s surface preparation industry through trust, service excellence and environmental responsibility.

Our Core Values

Dependability & Trust

Trust is built on transparency, clarity and honesty. We act with integrity and consistently model a sincere, positive work ethic our clients can rely on. Devoted to a common goal, we always do what we say we’ll do with confidence, faith and patience.

Environmental Responsibility

We strive to improve the communities in which we live by making choices that align with the needs of our planet. Our blast media is environmentally friendly, free of dust plumes and safe for everyone on-site.

Teamwork & Community

Our company culture fosters a sense of community by cultivating loyal business partnerships and friendships. By working together, we’re able to build a strong collaborative spirit that allows us to be better, every time.

Customer Service Excellence

We honour the commitments we make to our customers by always remaining professional and punctual. Our team is composed of proactive and responsive thinkers who offer superior solutions when faced with obstacles.

Passion for Results

We work with pride, diligence and enthusiasm in every single project we undertake. We’re passionate about creating real results for real businesses while exceeding expectations in even the toughest circumstances.

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