Concrete, Stone, Brick

Concrete, Stone, Brick

Limitless applications that are safe for the environment and won’t interfere with day-to-day operations.

Concrete is the most widely used building material in the world. It’s virtually everywhere with stone and brick not too far behind. With a variety of applications, you’ll most likely come across concrete, stone or brick that requires deep cleaning or repainting. Where most methods of pressure washing fall short, dustless blasting perseveres.

Limitless Concrete Applications

Dustless blasting’s uses for concrete are incredibly versatile as it can handle surfaces that even pressure washing can’t touch. For concrete sealer removal projects that normally take days, dustless blasting can tackle in a matter of hours. It can also be used to clean caked-on concrete material from mixers, trucks and other heavy machinery and equipment. Items like detailed moulds that manual scrubbing can’t clean can be cleaned effortlessly down to the tiniest grooves and dents.

Stone & Brick Restoration

Restore stones, brickwork and concrete of all types with this advanced and effective technology. When used on decorative stones and other materials, dustless blasting won’t damage the original surface but leave it perfectly intact. In addition, businesses can easily etch logos, lettering and shapes into the surface, leaving behind clean, precise designs of their choice. Have a home embellished with soft antique stone or brick? We can easily adjust flow and pressure settings for a gentle process.

Applications for stone, brick & concrete:

  • Paint, stain and sealer
  • Grime, mold, mildew and moss
  • Graffiti, line stripes and old paint jobs
  • Oil stains, calcium and bird droppings

Safe & OHSA Recommended

Dustless blasting is OHSA recommended because it’s a form of wet blasting that protects workers from hazardous airborne particles. It also uses glass particles, water and air which then gets recycled back into the machine. This complies with all government regulations and ensures that nearby workers, plant life or wildlife remain unaffected.

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