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Commercial Painting

Commercial painting encompasses a wide range of markets and services, such as interior and exterior painting in office buildings, retail establishments, condominium complexes, and other structures. Your safety standards and the demands of your unique project require you to select a commercial painting contractor carefully.

COATTECH has substantial capabilities and broad scope. Our operating mechanisms ensure that you have the right people on the job when you need them. We take pride in our ability to accomplish major painting projects in a short amount of time as one of the largest commercial painters in Greater Vancouver.

Industrial Painting

Paint and coating are used on industrial sites for everything from bridges to warehouses, and a variety of procedures may be used, including harsh surface preparation and specialty coatings. Site managers may have a difficult time securing skilled industrial painting and sandblasting services because the site may present significant obstacles that deter many otherwise competent suppliers.

We’ve encountered and handled just about every industrial prevailing problem, thanks to our substantial industry expertise. Our team has decades of experience complying with safety and industry requirements.

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Field Fireproofing

As a safety measure during a fire, many building regulations require you to add fireproofing protection to structural steel. Throughout Vancouver, COATTECH conducts both maintenance and capital fireproofing projects. Our team sizes vary depending on project duration, which can range from one week to many years for large projects. We handle all elements of industrial and commercial fireproofing, such as surface preparation, anchoring, mesh, fireproofing application, and seal coat/topcoat. A variety of environmental protection measures can be provided regardless of location or season of the year to ensure schedules and quality are met.

Shop Fireproofing

We provide complete shop fireproofing solutions from start to finish. Our fireproofing facility is strategically managed in order to provide a product that consistently meets or exceeds standards. Our shop fireproofing facilities use a proprietary technique that allows the numerous fireproofing application stages to move like an assembly line while the steel remains in the same position. By maximizing production and quality, our unique process creates the safest environment.

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