Line Stripe & Curb Paint

Line Stripe & Curb Paint

Remove line stripes and curb paint without damaging the structural integrity or lifespan of asphalt.

A safe and cost-effective method, dustless blasting offers unparalleled power in removing traffic stripes without destroying the concrete or asphalt underneath. We are dedicated to saving our clients time, money and effort by providing them with the very best that our industry has to offer.

Dustless Blasting vs. Grinding

While grinding is highly abrasive and harsh, dustless blasting won’t compromise the life of asphalt or damage it the way grinding will. Grinding leaves behind scarring from old stripes, affecting surface colour and texture and confusing both vehicles, cyclists and motorists alike. This endangers not only them but pedestrians and children as well. With dustless blasting, old stripes are effortlessly removed, providing asphalt companies with a perfectly blank canvas to work with.

Effective Thermoplastic Removal

Dustless blasting is powerful enough to remove even the toughest thermoplastic stripes, but what is thermoplastic, exactly? It’s a special material that is incredibly long-lasting and made from pigments, binders and glass beads which allow it to be highly reflective at night. These stripes form a thick layer that other forms of pressure blasting and washing struggle to even touch. Dustless blasting makes this removal process effortless.

Other applications:

  • Paint
  • Sealer
  • Oil stains
  • Bird droppings
  • Chewing gum
  • Thermoplastic

Safe & OHSA Recommended

Due to dustless blasting’s wet delivery method, it’s OSHA recommended as it protects workers and the surrounding environment like plants and wildlife from hazardous airborne matter. Dust suppression makes it easy to work indoors in spaces like garages and sheds as no large plumes of dust are created. Perfectly safe for your family, the planet and your employees, dustless blasting is surface preparation for the future.

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