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Among the industries Coattech serves are automotive, marine, and heavy industries. To get our industrial blasting jobs done fast, safely, and efficiently, we follow strict guidelines and follow safety protocols. Our environmentally friendly work makes us the most reliable and the best sandblaster in greater Vancouver. 

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With decades of experience, Coattech provides high-quality workmanship. The end result is a fine-blasted surface ready for further preparation and one that adheres astoundingly well to any interior or exterior surface. Sandblasting techniques and media can be used to clean, polish, and strengthen exterior surfaces for domestic and residential uses. 

Sandblasting Is Ideal for Homes 

  • Saves you loads of time compared to traditional surface preparation techniques!
  • During the restoration process, it is highly effective in preventing damaging effects on your surface.
  • Provides complete contamination removal, safeguarding health and safety in your domestic and residential environment.
  • Effectively cleans surfaces

Why Use a Dustless Blasting Machine?

Using dustless blasting techniques, you can remove rust and corrosion, remove old paint and coatings, and profile surfaces in preparation for re-coatings. There are a number of surfaces that can be profiled, including steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, brick, stone, cement, concrete, wood, and fiberglass.

Economical Sandblasting

The abrasive blasting material required for conventional sandblasting is also less, so the job is more cost-effective. Water-soluble abrasives can be used in the dustless blaster. Using domestic sandblasting equipment, we remove oil stains and other unwanted chemicals from concrete, metals, bricks, and wood, to create a quality finish. 

Restore Life

As well as paving stones, tiles, concrete, wooden decking, and outdoor living spaces, the cleaner can be used to polish away dirt and to clean and restore paving stones, tiles, concrete, and asphalt. The process of dustless blasting is also great for removing oil stains from driveways or removing build-up from around swimming pools.

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When you hire us to provide residential blasting services in Vancouver, we make sure to establish full environmental control systems that eliminate waste material and recycle the products. We are now the best sandblaster in town because of the ecosystem we maintain in your service

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Because we have certified specialists on hand, we guarantee that your material will leave with an optimal profile so that future treatment can be prepared.

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