Dustless Blasting  Auto Restoration

You can restore a car as easy as putting together a few Lego pieces or as difficult as solving a 1000-piece puzzle. Several factors affect this, including your experience and the work you plan to do. Classic cars deserve a classic look, which can be achieved by dustless blasting auto restoration. It takes time and effort to restore a classic car, but that doesn’t mean it must take forever

Restoration 101: 

The engine needs to be rebuilt, the brakes and electrical system need to be repaired, and you should also put together the interior and remove the old paint so that it can be painted. It is now no longer necessary to spend weeks sanding and grinding to get that perfect surface for paint thanks to Dustless Blasting. 

As opposed to traditional sandblasting,  Dustless Blasting won’t cause warping caused by heat. In addition, Dustless Blasting provides a perfect anchor profile for the paint to adhere to metal. With Dustless Blasting, heat is eliminated from the process, so the metal does not warp.

Which is the best way to treat a steel car body?

Steel is better suited to dustless sandblasting because the water it contains reduces friction and heat, which can warp the metal during the removal process. It is reported that dustless sandblasting actually lowers the metal temperature during the process by 10 degrees.

The advantages of automotive abrasive blasting

  • Paint is removed from cars and surfaces are prepared without damaging the substrate
  • Gets rid of grease, oil, carbon deposits, and gasket material
  • Metals, glass, rubber, soft and hard plastics can all be cleaned with this product
  • The formula is 100% water-soluble, chemical-free, non-abrasive, and completely safe for the environment
  • Efficacious, fast, and minimal costs 
  • Compared to traditional methods, less preparation and cleanup is required
  • The entrapped abrasive is not trapped, pitting and warping is eliminated, and solvents are not used
  • Rebuild or replace parts such as engine heads, alternators, starters, and water pumps

The best thing about it is that it is fast. I mean, really fast.


How and what kind of blasting is used

For removing paint from automobiles, however, dustless sandblasting is more effective than sandblasting with sand. Dustless sandblasting or sandblasting using soda is typically more effective in removing both paint and rust than sandblasting or soda blasting with soda. Typical dustless sandblasting uses a rust inhibitor to decontaminate steel, resulting in a surface that is chloride-free, clean, and ready to paint

The methodology used by Coattech:

Our method of removing paint from auto bodies will save you a lot of time and effort. In contrast to normal paint stripping methods such as sanding or grinding, which can take days to complete. Paint is removed from cars without damaging the underlying metal, plastic, glass, rubber, or aluminum trim, so your vehicle will be properly cared for and kept in pristine condition. 

Let’s make even the toughest jobs easy for you! At Coattech, no coating is too tough. Powder coating, powder paint, rust, and even chrome can be removed in a quick and easy process. If you need dustless blasting auto restoration and make it back to its former glory, rest assured that our team has years of experience preparing surfaces for a refresh and restoring them back to their former glory.


Photo by Mike from Pexels