Best Graffiti Removal Company In Vancouver

Is your property the victim of recent graffiti vandalism? Graffiti refers to a visual form of communication, usually illegal when individuals or groups tack their work on a public wall. If you are experiencing an unwanted incident, we will assure you to stay calm before you seek the best graffiti removal company in Vancouver.  A graffiti-style, on the other hand, is not always linked to gangs. Some graffiti does not make reference to gangs.

It is a more efficient, safer, and environmentally friendly alternative to older, more traditional methods of removing graffiti when dustless blasting is used.

City of Vancouver’s Law: 

The removal of art graffiti and graffiti in urban and suburban areas (and even in rural areas) remains a challenging issue. Stopping graffiti is the best way to prevent its spread When it appears, get rid of it immediately. Therefore, Vancouver’s bylaws require property owners to In 10 days, remove any unauthorized graffiti The City sending you a notice. 

  • The problem must be identified!

You have to consider the type of graffiti you have and the surface you have it on when determining how to remove it. Paint, markers, oil paints, crayons and spray paint are among the materials graffiti artists use. Some graffiti can be scrubbed off with soap and water, depending on the surface and how fresh it is. Occasionally, however, this approach will not work and a special cleaning product will need to be used.

  • Little Known Ways To The Steam Cleaning Method

Clean the facade by using steam of 150 degrees C. Steam and high pressure will disintegrate graffiti due to their high pressure and heat. Use a steam cleaner to calmly remove graffiti. As a rule, the easiest and best method is this. The method does not always work, however. It is especially dangerous when a large amount of graffiti is sprayed on.

  • The Mystery of Baking Powder and Compressed Air

Using baking powder combined with compressed air, you can remove graffiti yourself. Because of its gentler nature, this method can be less efficient and is kinder to the surface. Spray the surface with compressed air after applying the baking powder. Graffiti usually comes off in most cases. 

Think Your Sand Blasting Is Safe?

When it comes to removing graffiti, sandblasting is the most aggressive method. Adding sand or fine gravel to water is an effective blasting agent. Graffiti is sprayed from the wall using this high-pressure jet. The method works but is not recommended due to its damage to the walls.

Thought of your basic supplies? 

  • Clothes made of clean, soft cotton,
  • Brushes or scouring pads,
  • A pair of rubber gloves,
  • Water and soap bucket,
  • Wrapping or sheeting in plastic – optional,
  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) such as gloves, face masks, and goggles

You may want to consider the surrounding area

Before searching for the best graffiti removal company in Vancouver, you should consider the area. In addition to being toxic, flammable, and environmentally damaging, many graffiti removal products are environmentally harmful. Therefore, you should consider your surroundings when removing graffiti on the ground. Which means of containment will you use? If any paint flakes or debris happens to fall to the ground, what are you going to do with them? It is equally important to safely remove graffiti byproducts as it is to remove the graffiti itself.

Prevention is better than cure;  try using anti-graffiti coating?

The removal of the graffiti is intended to prevent it from returning. There are no guarantees. Following graffiti removal, you can spray your facade with an anti-graffiti coating. Graffiti can be removed in the future when that happens.

At Coattech, we are dedicated to revitalizing your buildings, walls, driveways, and fences by removing unsightly marks and graffiti. We would like to hear from you when you are scratching your head trying to find the best graffiti removal company in Vancouver. We have your back, so you can rest assured.

Photo by Алексей Васильев from pexel